Signal processing scheme partitioning

This section provides and example and describes the partitioning of signal processing part of the model between two HIL devices.

Motivation for electric circuit partitioning is to enable parallel computing of complex signal processing schemes. Another benefit is to enable transfer of signal processing variables from one HIL device to any other device that is connected in multi-HIL system.

Partitioning of signal processing scheme and variable transfer between the HIL devices is performed by a Device Transition component. Device transition defines which variable is going to be transferred. In order to define in which HIL device should a part of the scheme be computed, a Signal Device Marker component is used.

As an example, if some digital or analog input is physically connected to one HIL device, using device transition it can be provided to any other HIL devices connected int the system. In figure below, an analog input signal from HIL device with ID=0 is sent to HIL device with ID=1. Signal device markers are defining the related devices, while device transition defines the variable transfer.

Figure 1. Example of device partitioning of signal processing part of the model