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Power electronics control testing that is quick, efficient, and thorough can be a challenge to achieve. To allow for hands-on evaluation of a real-time control testing setup that fulfills this spec, Typhoon HIL provides HIL in a Day exercises for interested parties. After this exercise was done with Viessmann, they observed faster testing and commissioning, with less time and money spent. Read more about their experiences in this blog.

Introduction | About Viessmann

Viessmann works on ensuring an optimum climate through the development of intelligent and sustainable energy systems and refrigeration solutions for residential buildings, industry, and commerce by covering heating, cooling, and ventilating systems in their offering. Viessmann’s mission is to create living spaces for generations to come.

We create living spaces for generations to come.

Viessmann mission statement

Introduction | What is HIL in a Day?

HIL in a Day is a hands-on exercise where a real controller gets connected with a HIL setup that has the power stage simulated within it in real-time, for a first-hand experience before making any big decisions or commitments. This exercise helps Typhoon HIL build trust with future customers because it allows for demonstration of how quick and simple it is to build models, connect the controller, and move all the way to automated HIL testing.

Learn how HIL in a Day works and how to apply.


Challenges | Power electronics control testing that is quick, efficient, and thorough

Viessmann’s desire was to be able to test their controller module and the developed algorithms for the control of power electronics quickly, efficiently, and in all aspects. Low resource requirements during commissioning were an additional priority. These specifications led them to reach out to Typhoon HIL for support in setting up their test system.

Solution | HIL in a Day exercise enables a fast HIL system evaluation

With HIL in a Day and the ability to test the HIL system in an evaluation phase, Viessmann was able to shorten the commissioning time and get to know the full power of the HIL hardware. Using the user-friendly modeling environment, they were able to quickly create different models. With TyphoonTest, they could create automated test scripts in a brief time and could test our controller assembly based on set requirements.

IMG_2905 (Edited)

HIL Benefits | Faster testing and commissioning, with less time and money

By using the Typhoon HIL system, Viessmann could significantly increase the quality of the controller assembly by obtaining testing capabilities during the development and validation phases, while making significant savings in manual testing capacity and expensive equipment.

IMG_2882 (Edited)

Would you like a hands-on test of Typhoon HIL solutions as well?
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