• Cabinet customization: User defined color

  • Hooded sweatshirt

  • Polo shirt (gray)

    Short sleeve
  • Relphie

    Plush toy
  • Cabinet customization: Logo on the front doors

  • 19” Cabinet – 42U, 80cm depth

  • 19” Cabinet – 24U

  • HIL IO cables (DIN41612)

    1m (Pair - 2pcs)
  • HIL404 Paralleling cable

  • HIL602+/604 Paralleling cables

  • HIL602 Paralleling cables

  • Schneider Electric AccuSine

    AccuSine is a flexible, high performance, cost-effective solution for stabilizing electrical networks by providing harmonic mitigation, power factor correction and load balancing.
      contact for price
  • AIT HIL Controller

    High-fidelity converter controller with plug-and-play HIL connectivity. Learn more.
      contact for price
  • EPC Power

    EPC Power inverter controller (blue card)
      contact for price
  • DEIF PPM-3 (x2)

    DEIF's PPM-3 is a market-leading Power Management System (PMS) standard suitable for a broad range of marine applications.
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    (*requires a HIL Connect Universal interface)
  • Woodward LS5

    Woodward’s LS-5 Series relays are synchronizer controllers with integrated mains decoupling and protection features.
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    (*Requires a HIL Connect Universal interface)