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Are you finding it increasingly difficult and time-consuming to meet various emerging requirements and grid codes across the globe? Is each new commissioning becoming longer and more stressful? Is your development team spending more time reading regulations, legislations, standards and FAQs from certifying bodies than doing the actual development work? Due to market volatility and uncertainty, you are reluctant to invest in an in-house pre-certification solution? Then pre-commissioning services from Typhoon-HIL are the best match for you. Whether it is the European BDEW standard for grid-connected inverters, the soon-to-be-introduced American UL 1741 SA standard, a very strict specification for a government project, or anything in between, you can use Typhoon HIL pre-commissioning service to get custom or standard-compliant reports on the performance of your control software. Then use the reports to optimize your control code, eliminate any guesswork and make sure that both certification and commissioning go exactly as planned.





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Through interactions with our customers, we got numerous confirmations of the age-old fact: the problem with one-size-fit-all solutions is that they do not. Therefore, we always strive to provide the best solution for every customer's need.

Please, let us know about your particular control testing issue(s) and our team of specialist is going to find an optimal solution for you.


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