Typhoon HIL – OpenDSS Integration

Load-flow analysis for
Power Systems reinvented.


Typhoon HIL + OpenDSS Integration. ​


The OpenDSS is a comprehensive electrical power system simulation tool primarly for electric utility power distribution systems. It supports nearly all frequency domain (sinusoidal steady‐state) analyses commonly performed on electric utility power distribution systems. In addition, it supports many new types of analyses that are designed to meet future needs related to smart grid, grid modernization, and renewable energy research.

The OpenDSS tool has been used since 1997 in support of various research and consulting projects requiring distribution system analysis. Many of the features found in the program were originally intended to support the analysis of distributed generation interconnected to utility distribution systems and that continues to be a common use. Other features support analysis of such things as energy efficiency in power delivery and harmonic current flow. The OpenDSS is designed to be indefinitely expandable so that it can be easily modified to meet future needs.

OpenDSS integration library.​​


Build, run and interact with OpenDSS models through the Typhoon HIL interface.​


Comprehensive drag and drop library of OpenDSS components visually represented in the Typhoon HIL Control Center GUI.​

Build your own custom models and also import manufacturers libraries.​

Display OpenDSS calculations with desired outputs or generate automated pdf/html reports.​

Every Microgrid design project starts with the load flow and the short circuit analysis and continues to Hardware in the Loop test and validation. The ability to work with the same microgrid model, in the same software, throughout the design-test-validate-deploy process is the key to successful projects and short time to value.
Dave Altman
Raytheon Principal Investigator for Otis Microgrid

From Load-Flow to Time Domain​


Seamlessly transition models to real-time simulations​


Add a few simple components from the Typhoon HIL core library and proceed to compile the model.​

Using the interactive HIL SCADA, customize widgets and displays for your simulation.​

Compare simulation results to the OpenDSS Load-Flow analysis to confirm accuracy.​

OpenDSS integration library​​


Getting started in a few simple steps:​

  1. ​Download the source code from the latest release and extract it​
  2. ​With Typhoon HIL Control Center closed, run install.bat
  3. Add the OpenDSS library to Typhoon Schematic Editor
  4. Open the Schematic Editor and click on File | Modify library paths​
  5. Click Browse and point to the libs folder in the root source code folder
  6. Click Apply and save
  7. Click on File | Reload libraries