4th Generation Flagship.

The perfect balance of speed, power and flexibility.


Introducing the HIL606. Now you have the speed you love from our latest 4th generation devices together with the power of our 6-series, 8-core processors, balanced with the flexibility you require to connect to the devices you need.


What’s New?​


Built for the most demanding applications with future-proof connectivity options.


  • Plug and Play Upgrade
  • Down to 200ns time-step​​
  • Down to 200ns Analog Output update Rate​
  • 3.5ns GDS oversampling on all Digital Inputs​
  • 24 Detailed DER Models (3ph)​
  • M.2 Slot for long-term Data Acquisition
  • Back Panel Connectivity (4x Ethernet, 2x EtherCat, 2x CAN FD, 2x QSFP​)   

Speed for E-mobility​
Model and Test fast-switching complex converters​.

Need to model several dual-active bridges together at the highest switching frequencies?

Test many high-switching frequency complex converters with multi-module Si-C based converters between the 50 to 500kHz range at once. With HIL606, you have the nanosecond time resolution and the processing and IO capacity you need to test your full electric drive system.


Power for Complex Microgrids
Run Complex Models in Real-Time at Short Timesteps.

Worried your microgrid models are too complex to integrate real hardware and low-level controllers in your test setup?

The HIL606 supports 24 detailed DER (3PH) models in real-time at once, and at very short timesteps. This means you are extremely well-equipped for simulating full microgrid models at the highest level of detail.


Flexibility with New Interfaces​
Customize your testbed integration.

Need flexible data rates for your CAN-connected vehicle components? Or just a faster response when connecting to third-party devices?​

You can connect and use your HIL testbed with more flexibility than ever, thanks to completely new interfaces like EtherCat, CAN FD, and even an M.2 slot for long-term data storage. Expanded SFP and Ethernet options give you strong support for low-level and time-critical internet-based protocols.


Business in the Front, Party in the Back.


Expanded connectivity options increases flexibility for multiple protocols. 

Compare with HIL604


Run larger models at very high time resolution.


HIL606 technical details

For more technical details read our Hardware documentation.


Processor ZU9EG Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC
up to 8 processing cores
Channels 32 x Analog inputs (AI)
64 x Analog outputs (AO)
64 x Digital inputs (DI)
64 x Digital outputs (DO)
GDS Oversampling resolution
Resolution 16 bit
Analog IO voltage range ± 10 V
Built-in scope Yes
Machine models support Basic
Connectivity Ethernet
USB 3.0
Compatibility HIL DSP Interface
HIL Breakout board
HIL dS Interfaces
HIL uGrid DSP Interface
HIL Connect
Software HIL Control Center