HIL 6 series

Exquisitely engineered for the ultimate test and verification of power electronics control systems.



HIL602 side






Integrated testing environment

Engage your HIL 6 series emulator via intuitive and easy-to-master software environment from the day 1.



Integrated test enviroment






Built-in scope
Monitor all HIL I/O channels continuously. Zoom in voltages and currents with seamlessly integrated Typhoon HIL Scope.
Scope functionality
With 1 MHz sample rate even tiny problems and glitches in controller operation are quickly identify.
Capture function
Quickly debug control code with deep memory scope/capture function. Trigger on fault injection events and quantify the converter system response, with 1 Mpts record length on all 32 analog channels.













Hardware in the Loop automated testing





HIL602 Serial Interface







HIL 6 series technical details.

For more details take a look at HIL602 brochure

Processor up to 6 cores
Channels 16 x Analog inputs (AI)
32 x Analog outputs (AO)
32 x Digital inputs (DI)
32 x Digital outputs (DO)
HIL Paralelling yes
Connectivity USB
SMA High-speed serial link
Housing 340 x 95 x 285 [mm], 2.5 kg
Software HIL Control Center
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