Typhoon HIL404

4th Generation HIL.
High-end performance at an entry level.



Tailored for automotive drives with the most detailed inverter models, spatial-harmonic electric motor models, CAN connectivity, and plug and play interface towards 3rd party test automation tools.




What’s new?


  • Down to 200ns time-step.
  • Down to 200ns Analog Output update rate.
  • 3.5ns GDS oversampling on all Digital Inputs.
  • Up to 4 processing cores.
  • Real-time emulation of non-linear machines with spatial harmonics.
  • Real-time emulation of semiconductor power losses.
  • The most accurate Dual-Active Bridge (DAB) converter model.
  • JMAG-RT FEM electric machine model import.
  • HIL connectivity exploded: USB3.0, Ethernet, Gb/s serial link, JTAG, General Purpose IO (GPIO).

HIL404 technical details

For more technical details read our Hardware documentation.


Processor Up to 4 core
Channels 16 x Analog inputs (AI)
16 x Analog outputs (AO)
32 x Digital inputs (DI)
32 x Digital outputs (DO)
GDS Oversampling resolution
Resolution 16 bit
Analog IO voltage range ± 10 V
Built-in scope Yes
Machine models support Basic
Connectivity Ethernet
USB 3.0
Compatibility HIL DSP Interface
HIL Breakout board
HIL dS Interfaces
HIL uGrid DSP Interface
Software HIL Control Center