HIL uGrid DSP Interface

Rapidly accelerate controller development for microgrid applications.

Interface made for multi-converter system development


The Typhoon HIL DSP Interface for microgrid application, specially built for the C2000 family of Texas Instruments DSP DIM100 cards is the solution if you want to accelerate the development of multi-converter power electronics applications.
Our HIL emulators together with the HIL uGrid Interface solve the hardware part for you, so you can focus on hierarchical control strategies, communication protocols and grid standards.

Dynamically reconfigurable GUI interface for TI DSP apps.


The Control Panel app supports a dynamically reconfigurable (depending on the control application) and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) enabling run-time interaction with all three control applications. TI Control Panel communicates through RS232 serial link with all three DSP controllers. User can quickly evaluate the corresponding (Typhoon HIL demo or any TI free example C2000 code) power electronics applications emulated on the HIL system.

HIL uGrid DSP Interface advantage


In less than 5 minutes a first-time user can plug a HIL DSP Interface for microgrid to a Typhoon HIL6 series real-time emulator, download one of the prepackaged examples and get a complex multi-converter system running.

Whether you are paralleling multiple converters to increase the power rating or exploring high-level control and communication for microgrids our solution promises flexibility and ease of use. Debug application via built-in USB JTAG emulator or access controllers through the serial port. For easier debugging, access all HIL analog/digital I/O pins physically via headers and connectors on the board.

Microgrid with Energy storage


Complete control software for battery energy storage inverter, PV inverter, and diesel genset can be developed using HIL DSP Interface for the microgrid. A complete microgrid can be simulated with the HIL602+ and microgrid HIL DSP Interface with TI DSP card.

Microgrid model implemented provides the most realistic environment for the development and testing of microgrid power electronics systems. In this system, a microgrid model comprises an intermittent photovoltaic power source, permanent magnet synchronous machine wind turbine generator, diesel-powered synchronous generator, variable-speed motor drive, resistive load, nonlinear current load, utility grid and main contactor that emulates both grid-connected and off-grid operational regimes.

HIL uGrid Interface technical details

For more details take a look at the uGrid Interface brochure.

HIL uGrid Interface
Number of card slots 3
Supported TI ControlCards TMDSCNCD2808





Programming via onboard USB
JTAG connector 13-pin IDC
CAN connector RJ45
Power from HIL or external