Why HIL DSP Interface for microgrid





02 Dynamically reconfigurable GUI





03 HIL uGrid DSP Inteface adventage2





04 Microgrid with Energy storage






05 Tech details


HIL uGrid DSP Interface technical details.

For more details take a look at

HIL uGrid DSP Interface brochure

TI DSP C2000
Control cards compatible
F28335 (Delfino)
F2803x (Piccolo)
F2806x (Piccolo)
F28M35xx (Concerto)
Host interface on-board XDS100 emulator
14pin Header External emulator JTAG connector
CAN RJ45 connector
DSP voltage levels 0 - 3V
HIL voltage levels +/- 5V
Software TI Control Center with demo models
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