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Avoid certification delays and frustrations

Let’s be realistic. There is one moment when even the hearts of hardened veteran engineers fill with anxiety and trepidation, and that is the time when a new product needs to get certified.

Veteran engineers know that a failed certification is sure to introduce costly delays in product development plans, and increase time to market. To make things more challenging, grid codes evolve i.e. new regulations get introduced and existing ones get updated with the increasing emphasis on the performance of the control software. Finally, with every new market the certification risks multiply.

Test Suite, developed in cooperation with AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, allows you to address these challenges in the most efficient way. You can think of the Test Suite as your personal, in-house, pre-certification institute featuring a growing selection of tests according to BDEW FGW TR3, IEC 62116, EN 50530, Rule 21 and UL 1741 (including the upcoming UL 1741 SA) grid codes.

Test Suite allows unlimited repetition of standard-compliant tests that all but guarantee your success the first time you go to the certifying institute.

Typhoon HIL Test Suite Avoid Certification Delays





Test Suite GUI



Test Suite GUI


Test Suite is designed to streamline the entire pre-certification process. Additionally, it is also a standard-compliant testing environment which is fully customizable. There is no need to repeatedly subject your controller to a full suite of tests, such as BDEW FGW TR3, if it fails only two or three of individual tests. Test Suite allows you to create your own combination of tests which targets only the test scenarios in which the control does not perform as expected. You can also combine individual tests from various standards, such as EN 50530 and UL 1741 SA. You can even choose specific parts of individual tests. This way, you can fast-forward through test scenarios and focus exclusively on those which are troublesome.

By doing so, you save a lot of development time because your pre-certification activities are in a complete sync with the peculiarities of the control that you are developing: be it one, two or a dozen tests at a time. Customizability and fast-forwarding are only two of the tricks that Test Suite has up its sleeve. It also adapts to the pace of the user by allowing full automation. Every aspect of Test Suite functionalities can be controlled and scheduled by means of Test Suite GUI. For example, if you spent the day optimizing your control code for low voltage ride through and it is time to go home, you simply connect your controller with a new version of control software to a Typhoon HIL real-time simulator and start the test script. When you get back to work the following morning, you will have detailed test reports waiting for you.






Standard-compliant reports





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