One editor to do it all. And model it all.

Designed by engineers for engineers.


Typhoon HIL Schematic Editor





A rich library of components.

In Schematic Editor’s component library, you can find a rich collection of elements, such as linear, non-linear and time-varying passive components, current and voltage sources, measurement components, contractors, circuit breakers, all the way to multilevel converters, multiphase machines, multi-winding transformers and a variety of transmission lines – and more. All the elements are fully parameterizable and ready to be dragged and dropped into your schematic.

More importantly, the component library keeps on growing with every new update in sync with your needs and your feedback.





Specialized toolboxes. Perfectly integrated.

Schematic Editor is designed to be a single-window environment for modeling tasks. This applies also to integrating components from additional toolboxes into the schematic — such as Signal Processing Toolbox, Communication Toolbox, Power Systems Toolbox, etc.

All toolboxes are seamlessly integrated into Schematic Editor. Whether you are dragging and dropping a standard component such as a contactor, a signal processing component for control prototyping, an underground cable, or a MODBUS communication component, it makes no difference. It all just works.





As intuitive as it is simple to use.




Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, as Leonardo da Vinci famously put it. Schematic Editor is built to be as simple to use as possible without sacrificing any of the advanced and specialized features one may expect to find in a high-end modeling tool.

Constantly improved to satisfy the demands of the most sophisticated customers from the leading industries and academia, Schematic Editor is also designed to be intuitive: once you start drawing your schematic, you will immediately feel at home. Drag-and-drop components, double-click to open and set properties, zoom in and out with either keyboard or mouse… whatever you want to do you will feel that Schematic Editor is designed to fit your workflow.



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