Reconfigure your HIL testbed on the fly.

Yes, HIL SCADA makes it all possible.











Monitor all aspects of your real-time simulation.

Whatever kind of a signal you want to monitor, HIL SCADA caters to all scenarios a test engineer could possibly encounter. Analog gauges, digital displays, (multi) trace and XY graphs, LED signal lights, PV meters, etc. With a rich collection of UI elements for monitoring your real-time simulation, there is no analog or digital signal that cannot be monitored in an insightful way.





Customize it. Any way you want.

All monitoring UI elements can be fully customized to fit a particular use case. Customizations include setting parameters of UI elements and adjusting their behavior for your testing scenario. This includes, among other things, choosing the update rate, selecting the data type and signal type, as well as many advanced properties specific to each monitoring elements, such as the resolution and scale of the analog gauge, speed of its dial; etc.





Go beyond monitoring. Make things happen with programmable action widgets.



Reconfigure HIL testbed on the fly


HIL SCADA can do more than just monitor what is going on within your HIL testbed. Its action widgets allow you to reconfigure your HIL testbed on the fly. Turn loads on and off, change voltages, insert harmonics, trigger islanding conditions… throw a lifetime of standard and emergency situations at your device in just a couple of clicks on HIL SCADA buttons, combo boxes and sliders. The monitoring widgets immediately show and record the DUT’s response. Of course, all in real time. Based on Typhoon HIL API, action widgets of HIL SCADA are fully programmable and can use both global and macro-specific variables, opening the door for full test automation.



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