Typhoon HIL ultra-high fidelity Hardware in the Loop simulator enables complete testing of next generation off-highway diesel-electric trucks


Liebherr as a world leader in mining, engineering, aerospace, offshore and port equipment, renowned for its top quality and reliability, has in no small part built up its reputation for the performance and uncompromising quality of its diesel-electric drive system. Thorough testing and validation is key to succeed and thrive in the rough mining environment. In addition, developing, testing, and verifying different electrical subsystems driven by advanced power electronics converters in an efficient and comprehensive manner is becoming an ever more challenging task.


Typhoon HIL600 system with its accompanying software toolchain proved to be an excellent design and test platform. It helps us minimize the time we spend in the laboratory, significantly shortens the design cycle of our advanced, feature rich control system, and dramatically increases the coverage of our control systems testing procedures.


Acquiring HIL test solution from Typhoon HIL and integrating it into our existing design and test processes was an excellent choice. It is very easy to use, has a great technical support, and in all relevant parameters completely satisfies all our needs for HIL testing and automatic verification of control systems for our largest dump truck’s diesel-electric drive system. With Typhoon HIL system it is now so easy to test our controls, also under previously impossible/impractical-to-test operating conditions.


Christian Engst

Control and Software Design Engineer

Liebherr-Components Biberach GmbH