Research institutes and corporate R&D divisions choose Typhoon HIL for support in verifying, validating, and providing digital twins for projects in:

– Development, verification and validation of next-generation smart controllers.

E.g. testing and pre-commissioning of a controller and an inverter for a hybrid energy storage systems combining Li-ion and Redux-flow in HYBRIS project.

– HIL testing, virtual integration, emulation and digital twinning of microgrids.

E.g. validation, verification and demonstration of self-consumption, ancillary service and related test scenarios with digital twins of 4 pilot sites (local energy communities ranging from a 100-kW residential site to an 8-MW industrial site) in CREATORS project.

– Validation and virtual demonstration of supervisory DER controls or VPP platforms.

E.g. digital twins of pilot sites for real-time DR solutions in DRIvE project with 5 site models combining BESS, PV, EV chargers, HVAC & wind farms (15 kW to 9 MW).

– Development, verification and validation of EV drivetrain controls and EV chargers

E.g. development of a unified platform for EV drive-train development, testing and pre-commissioning in PANDA project (offline and cloud-based co-simulation with SIEMENS Amesim)

Goal: The CREATORS project will support technical, financial and social processes that support local initiators to establish and operate advanced community energy systems (CES) by creating technical and knowledge capacity for high-quality simulation, business modelling and automated operations.

Our role: Creation of digital twins of pilot sites to enable rapid verification, validation and demonstration of technical and financial use cases that support establishing and operating advanced CES (Community Energy Systems)

Application: Microgrids, Test Automation, MBSE


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CREATing cOmmunity eneRgy Systems

Goal: PANDA seeks to provide a unified organization of digital models to seamlessly integrate virtual and real testing of all types of electrified vehicles and their components. ​

Our role: Providing the real-time hardware in the loop testing environment (HiL-ECU) that can support real-time testing of full electrical vehicle models of electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid vehicles.​

Application: E-mobility​


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Powerful Advanced N-Level Digitalization Architecture for models of electrified vehicles and their components

Goal: HYBRIS seeks to optimize advanced hybrid systems as high performance, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions for microgrid applications.

Our role: Digital verification and validation of the Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) control algorithms to support optimal sizing studies and techno-economic analysis​

Application: Energy Storage Systems, Microgrids​


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Hybrid Battery energy stoRage system for advanced grid and beHInd-the-meter Segments

Goal: The principal goal of the InnoCyPES ITN is to train a new generation of 15 high-achieving early stage researchers (ESRs) to develop a cutting-edge system management platform that covers the entire lifecycle of data for energy system planning, operation, and maintenance, based on an understanding of the energy system as a cyber-physical system.​

Our role: Hosting an early-stage researcher to develop the capacity to perform cyber-physical Digital Twin testing of the full power grid, including the data and communication layers, using both HIL test equipment and cloud-based signals.​

Application: Academic, Distribution Automation​


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Innovative Tools for Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Goal: The project developed a fully-integrated, interoperable and secure DR Management Platform for Aggregators with advanced hybrid forecasting, optimization, fast-response capabilities and enhanced user participation components. Moreover, the platform was developed in a standard-compliant (Open ADR) and market-regulated (USEF) manner.​

Our role: Creation of digital twins of 5 pilot sites, digital twin emulators and test automation and to enable rapid verification, validation and demonstration of DR Management Platform for Aggregators.​​​​

Application: Microgrids, Test Automation, MBSE​, digital twinning​


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Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: unlocking the demand response potential in the distribution grid