For the development of ground-breaking Hardware in the Loop product that automates quality assurance in the field of power electronics


“Typhoon HIL is a pioneer and market leader in the Hardware in the Loop (HIL) market for power electronics. It provides the industry’s fastest real-time HIL simulators, which is critical for power electronics applications due to the greater need for speed in this space. HIL systems with milisecond to seconds simulation time step are not nearly fast enough for power electronics. Typhoon HIL fills this void with solutions providing an impressive 1μs time step.”

Jessy Cavazos
Industry Director – Test & Measurement
Frost & Sullivan

Why technology leaders test with Typhoon?

“The company is well established in the emerging HIL market for power electronics and smart grid. It provides the most advanced hardware and software tools together with high-quality support for its customers. Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that the great feedback from different companies testifies to the quality of Typhoon HIL products and services.”

Why HIL for power electronics?

“The company’s HIL solution is used for new design, automated testing, automated verification, and pre-certification of power electronics products across the globe. Typhoon HIL’s main focus is on industrial customers whose critical feedback is continuously used for product development and product improvement. Typhoon HIL is the technology leader in the global hardware-in-loop (HIL) market for power electronics an develops innovative solutions for control system testing and test automation.”

What is unique about Typhoon support?

“To ensure a high standard of customer service, Typhoon HIL has a well-organized customer support organization where customers directly raise and track any issue and where senior application engineers are fully committed to resolving issues and making sure feedback is integrated into new product specifications. This commitment helps the company foster an unrivaled customer service experience.”