Microgrids, traditionally associated only with military bases and remote communities, are now considered quintessential to energy resilience on a global scale. Yet, despite everybody acknowledging their importance and commercialization potential, microgrids still represent just a fraction of the installed electricity generation capacities (e.g. in the USA, in 2017, microgrids are estimated to represent 1.8 GW out of the total generation capacities of approximately 1060 GW). The two biggest obstacles for the next wave of microgrid adoptions by cities, public institutions and utilities seem to be control and integration issues, although diverse grid codes and standards also probably play a role. We know for certain that all these obstacles can be overcome by introducing hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) into the workflow. That is why we cordially invite you to join us at booth #14 at Microgrid 2017, the premier US conference on all things microgrids and the meeting point for industry leaders, various energy customers, policy makers, regulators, and researchers in the domain of microgrids and energy resilience. We have prepared a comprehensive, informative, hands-on demo which clearly illustrates the many benefits of using a dedicated high-fidelity real-time Microgrid Testbed for designing, testing and commissioning control systems of microgrids. Moreover, in addition to increased productivity, more insightful testing and streamlined development, the demo also illustrates the unprecedented productivity gains that a purpose-built microgrid-scale HIL testbed provides in system integration for microgrids of all sizes.  Of course, the demo is also designed to show you the general benefits and advantages of using high-fidelity, real-time HIL systems with seamless, end-to-end software and hardware integration. Fundamentally, you will see that Typhoon HIL’s Microgrid Testbed improves every step of the product lifecycle: from the initial concept of a microgrid, all the way to software/hardware upgrades and retrofits of the existing microgrid.

Moreover, as one of our offices is in Boston/Somerville, we have also prepared a social event on Thursday, November 8. If you would like to discuss microgrids, HIL, automated and standardized testing… or anything else related to HIL in power electronics, and if you would like to do it in a comfy atmosphere of our office with some snacks and drinks, just let one of our engineers or administrative staff at booth #14 know that you would like to join us: they will give you all additional information on how to attend.

We are looking forward to seeing you at booth #14 at Microgrid 2017 at the Boston Park Plaza in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, from November 6 to 8, or at our offices on November 8.