Revision history

This section describes revision history

Date Version Revision
15-07-11 1.0 Initial release.
02-11-11 2.0 Document now relates to standalone design environment.
21-11-11 2.1 Network connection now covers alternate configuration scenario.
19-12-11 2.2 Updated Schematic editor, HIL Control Panel, Waveform generator (PV generator added). Added chapters for Firmware Updater and Blackfin Control Panel. Font size reduced.
25-01-12 2.3 Updated HIL Control Panel, Schematic editor.
01-03-12 2.4 Updated PV generator, HIL Control Panel (Capture signals added).
21-03-12 2.5 Added chapter that explains circuit modeling principles and constraints.
06-04-12 2.6 HIL400 USB connection option covered.
12-04-12 2.7 Added section for Digital output pane inside HIL Control Panel.
07-08-12 2.8 Changed section about schematic editor (schematic editor was rewritten).
13-08-12 2.9 Added section for TI Control Panel.
03-01-13 2.10 Updated HIL Control Panel, Schematic Editor, Waveform generator sections.
22-01-13 2.11 Update USB Driver Installation section; circuit modeling principles and constraints section removed; schematic editor section updated; Blackfin control panel removed.
31-01-13 2.12 Added Script editor section.
05-03-13 2.13 Added Self booting section, Script Editor updated, HIL control Panel updated.
29-03-13 2.14 Updated Waveform generator section.
27-05-13 2.15 Capture signals dock section replaced by Capture/Scope dock section.
04-06-13 2.16 Changed images in some sections. Changed HIL Control Panel, Typhoon HIL Control Center, Script Editor and Waveform Generator tool sections.
10-06-13 2.17 Some pictures changed in Capture/Scope dock section.
14-06-13 2.18 Added System requirements section.
24-04-13 2.19 Changes in Capture/Scope dock section.
12-12-13 2.20 Updated Typhoon HIL Control Center, HIL Control Panel and Waveform generator sections.
16-12-13 2.21 Capture Scope dock section changes.
07-02-14 2.22 Updated Typhoon API dependencies.
28-02-14 2.23 Capture Scope dock section changes.
03-04-14 2.24 Updated images and Schematic Editor section. Removed Ethernet configuration section. Added Thermal pane, Smart loads/sources and Hardware Info sections.
24-06-14 2.25 Added Custom UI and Update Notification panel section, updated machine section images.
24-07-14 2.26 Small changes in Custom UI section.
15-10-14 2.27 Extended Typhoon API requirements section. Updated Custom UI and Typhoon HIL Control Center section.
18-12-14 2.28 Added Test and Calibration Tool section
31-03-15 2.29 Updated Typhoon API dependencies
03-04-15 2.30 Updated Schematic Editor, Script Editor, HIL Control Panel and Capture/Scope sections
24-06-15 2.31 Removed Firmware Updater section and put new Firmware Manager section
06-07-15 2.32 Signal data pane added to Capture Scope dock section
31-07-15 2.33 Updates in Capture Scope dock section
12-10-15 2.34 Updated Custom UI and HIL Control Panel Log dock section. Updated Typhoon API dependencies section.
16-10-15 2.35 Updated Schematic Editor contents.
25-12-15 2.36 Updated Custom UI, Control Panel, Schematic Editor
07-04-16 2.37 Basic LQA (Language Quality Assurance) conducted
18-04-16 2.38 Updated Control Center, HIL Control Panel, Custom UI and API Requirements sections. Updated some images and references.
27-04-16 2.39 Updated image/s
13-07-16 2.40 Updated Custom UI and Typhoon API dependencies list
20-10-16 2.41 Updated Time Slot Monitor section and Typhoon API dependencies list
21-10-16 2.42 Updated images
22-12-16 2.43 Updated Schematic Editor, Firmware Update and HIL Control Panel sections
28-12-16 3.0 Added User Defined Libraries section.
29-12-16 3.01 Updated Schematic Editor images
26-04-17 3.02 Added HIL SCADA section. Removed HIL Control Panel and Custom UI sections
05-07-17 3.03

Updated API dependencies and SCADA Panel widgets.

Add section for visualize execution rate.

Add Schematic Icon API section.
27-09-17 3.04

Added Non ideal contactors, Local namespace and Typhoon HIL Test Suite sections.

Updated Monitoring widgets and Panel Initialization sections.

26-12-17 3.05 Changed API requirements in Script Editor and Typhoon HIL Test Suite sections.

Changed Capture/Scope widget section.

28-03-18 3.06 Added info about On Stop handlers in HIL SCADA and Offline mode in case VHIL is available.

Removed TI Control Panel section.

13-07-2018 3.07 Added Namespace Explorer, Capture Signal Data Export and Plot and Signal Properties Windows sections. Updated, Data Logging Widgets, Panel Explorer and Panel Initialization sections.
21-12-2018 3.08 Changed Generate PV mode and Monitoring Widgets sections.
03-04-2019 3.09 Added Signal Analyzer section, added User trigger mode, added Export to Signal Analyzer info in the Capture widget, changed Standalone Boot section
27-09-2019 3.10 Added Standalone HIL SCADA section, added FFT documentation
18-03-2020 3.11 Added Usage Logging section, updated HIL SCADA section, added Signal Analyzer command line options section. Added global license note in THCC.