Connector Layout

Universal HIL Connect connector layout and type.

Front panel

The front panel of the Universal HIL Connect features two 96-pin DIN41612 connectors, designed to be connected to a single row of HIL I/O, via the provided 96pin HIL I/O cables.

Figure 1: Universal HIL Connect front panel

Rear panel

The rear panel of the Universal HIL Connect features connectors for interfacing with external equipment.

Figure 2: Universal HIL Connect rear panel

Table 1. Rear panel connectors
Section Connector part number Mating connector part number
AO, AI, DO, DI 1289320000 B2CF 3.50/16/180 SN BK BX
Current Outputs, High Voltage outputs 1780240000 BLF 5.08HC/08/180 SN BK BX