Connector Layout

Universal HIL Connect connector layout and type.

Front panel

The front panel of the Universal HIL Connect features two 96-pin DIN41612 connectors, designed to be connected to a single row of HIL I/O, via the provided 96pin HIL I/O cables.

Figure 1. Universal HIL Connect front panel

Rear panel

The rear panel of the Universal HIL Connect features connectors for interfacing with external equipment.

Figure 2. Universal HIL Connect rear panel
Table 1. Rear panel connectors
Section Connector part number Mating connector part number
AO, AI, DO, DI 1289320000 B2CF 3.50/16/180 SN BK BX
Current Outputs, High Voltage outputs 1780240000 BLF 5.08HC/08/180 SN BK BX