Overview of the physical aspects and interfacing cables of HIL 4/6 Series devices.

Front plate connectors

All HIL devices feature either two or four DIN41612 male type C connectors. These connectors are marked with a name (e.g. Analog I/O) and a pin number (1 and 32).

Figure 1. HIL I/O connector labeling

GPIO connector

HIL404 and HIL606 devices feature a 16-pin connector on the back of the device. Out of the 16 pins, 12 are used as General Purpose Input/Output and 4 are reserved for GND.

The mating part for this connector is Weidmuller B2CF 3.50/16/180 SN BK BX.

Figure 2. HIL GPIO connector pinout

Interfacing via PCB-mount connectors

Interfacing via right-angle female DIN41612 connectors is the recommended way, due to robustness.

To do this method, simply make sure to place up to two right angle female DIN41612 connectors, spaced at 2000mil, pad-to-pad on your custom interface PCB design.

Figure 3. HIL I/O connector spacing example

Please contact us if you require a template in Altium format.

Interfacing via 96-pin cables

When direct connection between the HIL and the DUT is not possible, the recommended approach is to use 96 pin cables, purchased from Typhoon HIL, or manufactured from the following parts:
Table 1. HIL Interface Cable BOM (per cable)
Description Manufacturer Part number Quantity
Flat cable 3M 3849-96 per desired length
DIN41612 female crimp Yamaichi FNS13-09600-00BF 2
(optional) DIN41612 connector backshell ERNI 253001 2

Paralleling cables

Devices that support paralleling functionality can be connected into a bigger system by using the following cables:

Table 2. Recommended paralleling cables
Device Manufacturer Part number
HIL404 Bel Inc LCLC-6DTP010
HIL602+ Molex 74546-0401
HIL604 Molex 74546-0401
HIL606 FS Q28-PC01, 1002971101, 2336313-2, QSFP56-AO03
Table 3. Recommended SFP module (HIL404 only)
Device Manufacturer Part number
HIL404 FS SFP-10GSR-85

HIL 402 dimensions [mm]

HIL 404 dimensions [mm]

HIL 602+ dimensions [mm]

HIL 604 dimensions [mm]

HIL 606 dimensions [mm]