Overview of the physical aspects and interfacing cables of HIL 4/6 Series devices.

Front plate connectors

DIN41612, male, type C connectors are the primary means of communication between controller hardware and the HIL units. The external breakout board is typically connected by a flat cable.

For interfacing with the unit’s signals, Typhoon HIL recommends a 96-pin flat cable such as 0.835mm (0.0328”) 30AWG, manufactured by 3M. The recommended pitch for ribon connectors is shown below:

For cable connectors Typhoon recommends 64- and 96-pin Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) from ERNI.

Labeling rules for both connector pin types are shown below:

Figure 1: 64-pin connector labeling

Figure 2: 96-pin connector labeling

Paralleling cables

Devices that support paralleling functionality can be connected into a bigger system by using the following cables:

Table 1. Recommended paralleling cables
Device Manufacturer Part number
HIL 404 Bel Inc. LCLC-6DTP010
HIL 602+ Molex 74546-0401
HIL 603 Molex 74546-0401
HIL 604 Molex 74546-0401

HIL 402 dimensions [mm]

HIL 404 dimensions [mm]

HIL 603 dimensions [mm]

HIL 604 dimensions [mm]