Overview of the physical aspects and interfacing cables of HIL 4/6 Series devices.

Front plate connectors

DIN41612, male, type C connectors are the primary means of communication between controller hardware and the HIL units. The external breakout board is typically connected by a flat cable.

For interfacing with the unit’s signals, Typhoon HIL recommends a 96-pin flat cable such as 0.835mm (0.0328”) 30AWG, manufactured by 3M. The recommended pitch for ribon connectors is shown below:

For cable connectors Typhoon recommends 64- and 96-pin Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC) from ERNI.

Labeling rules for both connector pin types are shown below:

Figure 1: 64-pin connector labeling

Figure 2: 96-pin connector labeling

Paralleling cables

Devices that support paralleling functionality can be connected into a bigger system by using the following cables:

Table 1. Recommended paralleling cables
Device Manufacturer Part number
HIL 602+ Molex 74546-0401
HIL 603 Molex 74546-0401
HIL 604 Molex 74546-0401

Devices with SFP paralleling capability require both modules and cables, as shown in Table 2.

Table 2. Recommended SFP paralleling cables and modules
Device Type Manufacturer Part number
HIL 404 Cable Bel Inc. LCLC-6DTP010
HIL 404 Module Finisar FTLX8574D3BCV

HIL 402 dimensions [mm]

HIL 404 dimensions [mm]

HIL 602+ dimensions [mm]

HIL 603 dimensions [mm]

HIL 604 dimensions [mm]

HIL 606 dimensions [mm]