Known Issues

Summary of known issues for HIL 4/6 Series hardware devices

Table 1. Turn-on Transient

Some HIL devices exhibit turn on-transients during configuration time of the internal SoC. Transients appear on power supplies, analog outputs, and digital outputs. The duration of these transients is up to 3 seconds.


Issue in design.

Devices affected

HIL 603 - all units

HIL 402 - units up to 00402-02-00130

HIL 604 - units up to 00604-00-00075

Table 2. IRIG-B: missing ground reference

IRIG-B signal doesn’t reach the simulation.


Issue in design, there is a missing ground reference.

Devices affected

HIL604 – units up to 00604-00-00075


Connect shield of the BNC connector to any HIL GND point, such as: PPS connector shield, RS232 connector screw.