Feet Removal Procedure

Guide to removing feet from HIL 4/6 Series devices

Feet removal procedure

Note: This procedure applies to HIL602+ devices with a serial number up to 0602P-00-00130, and HIL604 devices with a serial number up to 00604-00-00375.

By default, some HIL devices ship with feet attached. If the unit needs to be mounted in a 19” cabinet, these feet might occupy additional space. This chapter describes how to remove these feet.

  1. Remove the side panels by undoing eight Torx-10 bolts on the side plate, four on each side:

    Figure 1: Side cover bolts

  2. Remove the bottom cover, start by pulling on the circled area:

    Figure 2: Bottom cover removal

  3. Remove the feet by undoing eight Torx-10 screws on the bottom plate:

    Figure 3: Feet-holding bolts

  4. Restore the bottom plate. Six latches should mate with the enclosure frame. If there is a gap between front/rear plate and the bottom cover, apply pressure to that area:

    Figure 4: Gap which should be eliminated

  5. Restore the side plates.