9. Firmware Manager API

Module: typhoon.api.firmware_manager

The Firmware Manager API provides functions to update and change firmware configurations using python.


Care must be taken to guarantee that power is not removed from the HIL while firmware update is on course, especially considering that firmware update can occur in an automated test run without being noticed.

9.1. API references

update_firmware(device_id=0, configuration_id=None, force=False)

Uploads firmware with given configuration id to HIL device with chosen id. If HIL device already have the same configuration, only upload if force parameter is set.

This function will be deprecated soon. Please use update_firmware() from Device Manager API instead.

  • device_id (int) – id of HIL device whose firmware is to be updated

  • configuration_id (int) – Update to a firmware with given configuration id

  • force (boolean) – Force upload even if desired firmware is the same as the one already in HIL device


There should be only one device with a given device id, otherwise exception will be raised.

If configuration_id is not provided, it is considered as the current firmware id in the device.




Returns information about all connected HIL devices.

This function will be deprecated soon. Please use get_hil_info() from Device Manager API instead.


list that contains dictionaries where each dictionary holds information about one connected HIL device.

In case there is no connected HIL devices None will be returned.

Return type


Format of one dictionary that holds HIL information.

Dictionary key


Value Type


HIL Device ID (0, 1, 2…)

int value


HIL Serial number (00404-00-0001, 00402-00-0001…)

string value


HIL Configuration ID (1, 2, 3…)

int value


HIL Product Name (HIL402, HIL602…)

string value


HIL Firmware Release date (in format Y-M-D)

string value


HIL Calibration date (in format Y-M-D). None will be returned if HIL is not calibrated, calibration data is wrong or calibration is not supported on connected HIL)

string value