Converter Controller Testing. Reinvented.

Learn why smart manufacturers use Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop to test and pre-certify inverter controllers.

Boost your testing efficiency.
Increase test coverage.


Today, most converters are controlled with digital controllers. As the grid standards and grid codes evolve across the globe, control software, control hardware, and control firmware must follow by including more advanced control features. The ever-increasing control and communication complexity call for more sophisticated design and testing tools and processes, i.e. controller hardware in the loop technology: a technology that combines the flexibility of simulation with the believability of a full-scale laboratory test, only without the power lab.

In-house pre-certification. Automated.


Pre-certify your inverter control system in-house with our TestSuite Toolbox. With fully automated pre-certification toolboxes verified by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, you know when you are ready to test your converter at the accredited laboratory.

TestSuite gives you a growing selection of standard-compliant tests based on BDEW FGW TR3, IEC 62116, EN50530, UL1741 SA (expanded Rule 21), etc. Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT) tests, Dynamic MPPT Efficiency tests, Anti-Islanding Tests, to name just a few, can now be executed automatically, and will automatically generate test reports. All the tools you need. In a single environment.

Modeling is fast and easy
with rich modeling libraries


Model your converters, microgrids, and distribution systems in the Schematic Editor using its rich libraries of circuit components and signal components. Compile a model with one click thanks to our signature compiler tailored for power electronics. In under a minute, your converter will be up and running on your HIL.

Why does ultra-fast I/O matter?


To directly interface your controller with your real-time simulation, your HIL provides you with the high-speed and ultra-low latency analog and digital channels. Protected against short circuit, overvoltage and ESD discharge, with a simultaneous 1 µs update rate at the analog stage, and with a 20 ns resolution at the digital inputs, they allow you to design, test and pre-certify converter controllers designed for PWM switching frequency as high as 200 kHz. Custom-made HIL Connect, tailored for optimal controller interfacing, will turn your HIL systems into a true plug-and-play power electronics controller test bench from day one.

Control prototyping?


Do everything in HIL and take full control of the integrated signal processing and rapid control prototyping capabilities. Prototype complete converter control algorithms, condition and filter your signals, model protective relays, communicate with standard protocols, control electrical sources and contactor devices, model mechanical and thermal subsystems, model governors and diesel motors, use machine speed and torque to trigger protection devices, or do something unique with a fully user-programmable C-function.

Monitor and capture to the last bit


Build your own, fully custom, test, monitoring, and visualization interface. Use a wide selection of drag-and-drop gauges, meters, trace graphs and monitors to make the user interface 100% yours. Program interface blocks through Python scripts, which gives you unparalleled control of your test experience.