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Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR’17) Summer School

Navies and the merchant marine are rapidly moving to purely electric loads and distributed energy resources aboard ship.  As this transition challenges traditional design and testing methodologies, Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) and Digital Twin technologies are becoming indispensable tools.  Typhoon HIL leads the way in developing these capabilities and we are delighted to be a sponsor of the 2017 IEEE Electric Ship Technology Symposium (ESTS17) symposium taking place at the Westin Crystal City Hotel, Arlington, VA, from August 14 to 17.

Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR’17) Summer School

In its 10th installment, the EMR summer school once again comes to Lille, France, and offers PhD students, researchers and industrial R&D engineers a chance to learn how to apply a unique methodology for tackling functional modelling of complex electromechanical systems: Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR). In short, EMR focuses on physical causality and is based on action-reaction principle in complex multi-physical systems. As such, EMR provides a direct insight into energetic properties and behavior of a system. We therefore cordially invite you to join us at EMR’17 where we will show you how you can use Typhoon HIL’s integrated high-fidelity real-time testbeds to do EMR in virtually all applications that involve power electronics. More specifically, we will focus on two important applications which

Typhoon HIL COMPEL Training

COMPEL 2017 has the potential to go down as a milestone in the history of power electronics education, all thanks to Professor Humberto Pinheiro, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil. The reason for so much excitement is professor Pinheiro's new workshop, which is 100% based on the Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) paradigm and is, as far as we know, the first such workshop conceived, designed and taught by a renowned expert in the field of digital control of high-power converters. Both theoretical sections of the workshop, as well as practical hands-on sections, will employ the Controller Hardware-in-the-Loop methodology ...

Hybrid and purely electric marine propulsion is hailed as the solution for virtually all problems currently facing the marine industry. Performance of such systems depends entirely on the performance of the embedded control software in each component (e.g. the genset, the inverter, the power management system, etc.) and the combined performance of control software of all components when operating as a system. In short, testing control software of individual components in all operating conditions and testing control software of the entire system in all operating conditions, including faults, are the two main issues in making the most of electric and hybrid marine systems. We invite you to our booth to see how enhancing your workflow with the Marine Microgrid Testbed based on Controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (CHIL) allows you to ...

Hosted by Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania, OPTIM-ACEMP is a joint conference which combines two conferences with a long history - Optimization of Electrical & Electronic Equipment (OPTIM) and Aegean Conference on Electrical Machines and Power Electronics (ACEMP). Take the opportunity to listen to presentations from prestigious keynote speakers, get together with leading professionals from the field and communicate your achievements, backed by strong international recognition from professional bodies of high reputation. Of course, learn what hardware in the loop (HIL) can do for you. That is why you are cordially invited to

IEMDC 2017 is the conference’s Anniversary Edition, so you can expect better-than-ever insights into the latest advances in design, analysis, manufacturing and measurements for electrical machines and drives. That is why we have also prepared more hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) insights than usual. In addition to round-the-clock, hands-on demos of Typhoon HIL’s high-fidelity, real-time testbeds at our booth, you can also attend our tutorial on May 21st.The tutorial is carefully designed to be perfectly aligned with the conference scope and topics and will show you new ways to boost your efficiency in controller development and testing: “Advanced Variable Frequency Drive Controller Design, Testing, and UL1741 SA Pre-certification”. Moreover, the tutorial is based on the free Virtual HIL Device, so it will be completely hands-on. Of course, you are also cordially invited to …

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