Typhoon HIL co-founder’s plenary talk at ICIT 2017


ICIT is the flagship conference of IEEE. That is why we are delighted to be able to ask you to attend the ICIT 2017 plenary talk by Ivan Celanovic, Typhoon HIL’s co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO), entitled “Hardware in the loop testing, the key enabling technology for the rapid transformation of power systems and electrification of transportation.” Organizing committee’s invitation for Mr. Celanovic to deliver one of the plenary talks is a great honor, but also a testimony to the rising awareness of the key role that hardware in the loop (HIL) is going to play in the transformation of ways in which we produce, distribute, and use electrical energy. In his plenary talk, Mr. Celanovic will show how HIL enables quick and hazard-free integration of distributed energy resources (DERs) while also empowering engineers and utilities to build more resilient, more flexible and more sustainable energy systems through distributed control. You will also learn why ultra-high-fidelity real-time HIL is being rapidly adopted by power electronics community, but also by power systems community.


More specifically, in his plenary talk Mr. Celanovic will address all the key challenges in our transition to the Smart Grid and show how HIL testing allows you to elegantly overcome them: from fast evolving grid codes, over new and updated communication standards, to the need to cut the time-to-market for new products in the highly competitive global market. You will learn how HIL testing is becoming the key in all domains of power electronics and in many domains of power systems engineering: automated testing and certification of converter controllers, testing and validation of microgrids and/or shipboard power systems, optimization of protection systems, and testing and integration of complex distribution systems. In short, you will get a 360°-overview of how HIL testing solves current and emerging problems throughout the Smart Grid – from converter-level control testing, all the way to microgrid and DMS.


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We cordially invite you to attend Ivan Celanovic’s plenary talk at ICIT2017 at Hilton, Toronto, Canada, from March 22-25, 2017!


About Typhoon HIL, Inc.

Typhoon HIL is a technology leader in ultra-high fidelity Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) real-time emulators for power electronics. The company was founded in 2008, and since then, it has consistently been introducing new design, test, and verification Hardware-in-the-Loop products distinguished by leading edge technology, unrivaled performance, ease of use, and affordability. With a growing list of global clients in industries including renewables, industry automation, oil and gas, energy storage, and automotive, Typhoon-HIL has emerged as the industry leader in automated test and verification of power electronics control systems. Follow us on LinkedInFacebookTwitterSlideShareGoogle+ and YouTube.

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