koncar eei

KONCAR EEI develops single stage central photovoltaic inverter with the help of Typhoon HIL600


“With Typhoon HIL it is easy to repetitively test conditions that could be prohibitively expensive or impossible to test in the laboratory such as a sudden change in insolation (due to cloud-cover), PV panel dropout, extreme harmonic pollution, weak grids, phase asymmetry, islanding modes, short circuits and so on.”

Dr. Zlatka Tecec Ribaric

Head of Power Electronics and Control Department

Koncar Electrical Engineering Institute, Croatia


Development and implementation of a robust, fully tested control system that would ensure optimal control of active and reactive power, maximum power-point tracking, fault ride-though and islanding functionalities.


With the Typhoon HIL600 model of a PV grid-connected converter, the implementation of the control algorithms and automated testing procedures could start on a rapid prototyping platform which comprised the HIL600 emulator and a TI docking station, both from Typhoon HIL with a Texas Instruments TMS28335 control card.


The development of the embedded control solution for a central PV converter was completed in only five months and with only four full-time developers. The control system has successfully met all the applicable standards.
By using the Typhoon HIL600 in combination with GRAP IDE, it was possible to develop and validate control algorithms in record time without using multiple time-consuming simulation tools, complex hardware configurations or the need for extensive laboratory testing and its associated engineering costs.

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