Optimizing filtering components of a 700kVA VSI


Enerdrive GmbH


“A setup comprising the Typhoon HIL400 and an OEM controller makes an ideal development environment which combines: real control signals, in real time, with “real hardware” which is as easy to operate as a software simulation package.”

Dr. Andreas Dittrich


Enerdrive GmbH Zürich, Switzerland


Distribution transformers are one of the most important and widest spread components of the power grid. To determine the state of health of distribution transformers typically, a series of tests comprising open-circuit tests, short-circuit tests, and partial discharge tests are required.


Enerdrive GmbH



Measurements of inverter phase current and line voltage in the laboratory match almost perfectly with the measurements from the setup with HIL400 in the office. In both cases exactly the same OEM control software and hardware were used.


Typhoon HIL enables both physical and temporal decoupling of the power electronic software and hardware development. It is now possible to test the operating conditions that would be too time consuming,too expensive, or simply impractical to do in the laboratory.

Enerdrive GmbH experience

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