New Hardware-in-the-Loop Based Power Electronics Teaching Laboratory


UT Dallas lab


“Typhoon HIL power electronics teaching laboratory provides engaging, hands-on, and intuitive learning environment which makes laboratory classes fun and effective for students while being in 100% safe environment”

Prof. Kaushik Rajashekara

Distinguished Professor and Endowed Chair

University of Texas at Dallas


For most of the today’s power electronics practicing engineers solid knowledge of microcontroller or DSP is an imperative. However, learning the basics of such embedded systems is a grueling process due to the specialized architectures of the industrial grade embedded systems.


An alternative way to address these issues and effectively teach all aspects of DSP based power electronics is to use a ultra-high fidelity power electronics real-time emulators directly interfaced with the real digital controller systems. In the HIL configuration, a DSP controller can’t tell the difference whether it is controlling a real power stage or a real-time emulator due to the ultra-high fidelity of real-time emulation process.


Effective digital power education platforms and laboratories are ever so important to train the next generation engineers and researchers. Ultra-high fidelity Typhoon Hardware-in-the-Loop based power electronics teaching laboratory enables students to rapidly learn how to configure the peripherals of a DSP for real-time applications and control/manage power digitally.

UT Dallas experience

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