Typhoon HIL600 with Fail-safe Modular Control Platform from EPFL




“Thanks to the easy-to-use interfaces of the control platform, the gating and measurement wires can be just swapped from the HIL emulator to the real-world application within minutes, providing a seamless transition to the physical setup with little or no further debug.”

Prof. Dr. Alfred Rufer

Professor of Power Electronics

EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland


It is crucial to provide students and with a modular, versatile and robust control platform which they can easily start using. This control platform must undergo many tests of safety and precision.





In order to create the ideal control platform for hands-on student projects and R&D, EPFL students designed and combined equipment accounting for a robust monolithic design, signal conditioning tailored for power electronics applications, and software-independent safety mechanisms.


Typhoon HIL600 was used in the many testing stages to guarantee for the platform’s efficiency. The system is easy to use, comprising of merely a motherboard and 4 daughterboards, optical receivers and LEM sensors.

EPFL experience

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