Awarding education.
Rewarding contribution.

Let Typhoon HIL be your go-to empowering and reliable partner for teaching and research, wherever you are in the world

Become an academic member to join Typhoon HIL academic programs, and enjoy various benefits and perks, such as:

content_ico free use of Typhoon HIL software tools,
soft_ico access to high quality educational content at HIL Academy,
network_ico access to community resources and networking channels,
acad_ico investments in developments of academic programs,
award_ico award programs, and
discount_ico special, heavily reduced pricing.

What are Academic Membership Programs (AMPs)?


Academic membership programs (AMPs) represent a cover term for various benefits, contests, and forms of support that reward participation and award contribution to Typhoon HIL’s academic community. AMPs are open to existing Typhoon HIL academic customers, as well as to students, professors, researchers, and academic institutions that are yet to get their first Typhoon HIL device(s). Either way, AMPs are designed to provide numerous benefits to the members who use of Typhoon HIL’s technology in teaching and research.

Academic members

How do I join?


AMPs are completely free and recognize three levels of membership: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Membership is tied to groups affiliated with academic institutions, be they teaching or research groups.

The process of joining begins as group leader registers the group at and downloads a Virtual HIL Device. Your level depends on the level of your participation and contributions to the Typhoon HIL academic community. Please, note that Gold and Platinum Academic

Why would I want to become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member?


All Academic Membership levels provide you with valuable benefits and services to do even more with the free Typhoon HIL Control Center and a Virtual Device license, but as you move up the levels these benefits grow as do your discounts. Silver Membership allows you to use your Virtual HILDevice license and you also get basic additional toolboxes together with the Basic Service Package, which includes basic support, on-boarding assistance and access to premium educational resources. Gold Membership includes all the perks of the Silver Membership, but also unlocks all additional toolboxes (*). Furthermore, with the Gold Membership Typhoon HIL can co-fund your PhD students, either by providing access to top-of-the-line HIL testbeds or by taking part in relevant funding programs (e.g. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions (MSCA)). Finally, by becoming Gold Members, you can count on Typhoon HIL support in organizing industry days and student hackathons. Outstanding contributions to the Typhoon HIL Academic Community are recognized in the form of the Platinum Membership, which qualifies you for unique Typhoon HIL support in your academic undertakings, where the scope of support is determined individually for each Platinum Member.  The benefits of each membership level are presented in the table below.

Academic user
PLATINUM Membership
Typhoon HIL Hardware Devices RRP1 RRP1 RRP1 negotiable
Typhoon HIL Permanent Device License 50% discount up to 90% discount up to 90% discount negotiable
Typhoon HIL Control Center toolchain Freemium license  Freemium license Freemium license Freemium license
Number of installations Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Premium features (toolbox packages)
Premium Premium
Service package Free Basic service package Premium service package Premium service package fully tailored to your needs
On-site training ✔ (prioritized) ✔ (prioritized)
Co-funding of PhD students
Co-organization of industry days
Co-organization of hackathons
Other forms of support, specific to the member
Unique service requests
General pricing Academic user pricing Academic Member pricing Academic Member pricing Unique pricing 

1 RRP = Recommended Retail Price

* Typhoon Certification Toolbox for precertification is not included

Why do you call it ‘membership’ if it is free?


Academic programs and academic membership are absolutely free, with no hidden costs, small print, etc. The reason why we call it ‘membership’ is that you have to join, i.e. you have to become a member. Think of academic memberships as a free form of a loyalty program at a supermarket chain: instead of accumulating points through purchases, you accumulate points by your interactions and contributions with the academic ecosystem at HIL Academy. Not only is this free, it is 100% optional. Academic customers do not have to be or become academic members. If you do not want to become a member, you can always obtain additional toolboxes, premium support, etc. according to the currently valid academic price list.

How to become a member?


Everyone can join! Moreover, everyone can contribute as little or as much as they want.  Become a Silver Academic Member by simply joining, registering an activation key for the Virtual HIL Device. You can become a Gold member by contributing to the Typhoon HIL Academic Community. Typhoon HIL has roots in academia, and all its founders worked or still work at universities. We are fully aware that each higher education institution (HEI) and each department is unique. Therefore, the amount and type of contributions required to become a gold member is agreed between a Typhoon HIL representative and the HEI representative, individually for each HEI and taking into considerations its unique characteristics. Generally, contributions required to move up include encouraging students to get certified at HIL Academy, as well as submitting models, tutorials and/or courses.

Some contribution possibilities are shown below.


Contribution examples

Join   Enroll   Produce Commit   Contribute
Invite your colleagues to
at HIL Academy.
Take free online courses
and win certificates.
Produce hands-on tutorials and
promote your work.
Exchange libraries with colleagues
around the globe.
Contribute to the development of
academic programs.


What is the difference between Academic Membership levels and Academic Service Package levels?


While Academic Memberships are award and benefit programs that reward participation and award contributions to Typhoon HIL academic community, Academic Service Packages are various sets of services provided by Typhoon HIL. Put simply, Academic Service Packages are one of the benefits of Academic Membership or of having a HIL device.

There are three levels of Academic Service Packages (ASP): Free, Basic and Premium. All Individuals and groups of academically affiliated individuals, academic departments and/or entire academic institutions are eligible for the Free Academic Service Package. To get the Free Academic Service Package, individuals, or the academic institutions’ legal representatives, simply have to register here with a proper activation key. The Basic Service Package is awarded to all academic members who reach the Silver Academic Membership level. The Premium Academic Service Package is provided to all academic customers, but can also be won by reaching the Gold Academic Membership level. Both the Basic and the Premium Service Package can also be obtained independently from Academic Membership or HIL devices by making a relevant contribution.


Typhoon HIL Control Center Toolchain + + +
Virtual HIL Device License + + +
Standard Libraries + + +
Components + + +
Power Electronics + + +
Signal Processing + + +
Power Systems + + +
           Toolbox packages
SERVICES Basic Premium
Remote Support + +
Onboarding Assistance + +
Site Setup and Maintenance + +
Access to Premium Educational Content +
Offer Services through the Ecosystem  +


How are Academic Memberships benefits different from the general benefits offered to academic customers?


General benefits to academic customers are completely independent from the Academic Programs. Every academic institution, whether participating in the Academic Program or not, is eligible for discounts for permanent licenses. However, these discounts are considerably bigger for academic members. Additionally, academic members get more toolboxes. Finally, academic members also get a chance to get co-funding for PhD students and industry events and hackathons, as well as prioritized requests for on-site training and support.


Is there a time limit to my Academic Membership level?


All Gold Academic Memberships are time limited because certificates issued to members of the group at are time limited. Fundamentally, to maintain your Gold level, you have to maintain the number of HIL specialist and USFM Course certificates every year.